What is a Sarcoid Tumor?

Sarcoids are the most common skin tumors occurring on horses. Presumably caused by the bovine papilloma virus infection. The most general sites are the ears, eyelids, mouth, legs and the abdomen, although other areas can be affected as well. Some have a cauliflower type shape with a stalk, while others have a round, flat, hairless, thickened nodular skin appearance. Left untreated, these skin tumors can become so locally invasive that they destroy adjacent structures such as eyes or proliferate in areas that make horses un-useable.

After 40 days of treatment this sarcoid located near the flank of an appaloosa gelding (Tex) fell off. Owner treated Tex daily with our product Sarco 41 topical salve. Owner will continue to apply salve to the affected area until the hole has healed. Awesome! Thank you Tim for believing in our product.

Why choose SARCO-41™ over conventional treatments?

It is unfortunate that most conventional treatments do not rid the horse of sarcoids. Simply cutting them off or injecting the horse with chemo shots only seems to aggravate the virus leading to continual problems.

Sarco-41™ has been uniquely formulated from a professional certified herbalist to maintain its shelf life for up to 2 plus years without refrigeration. Our formula has no chemical components and is formulated with all natural products.

Sarco-41™ comes in tubes with flip top lids that conveniently allow untainted access to the salve, so the build up bacteria will not affect the integrity of the formula and also provides easy access without misplacing the cap.

Application of SARCO-41™

Sarco-41™ must be applied with diligence and dedication. It can not be stressed enough that infrequent application will greatly reduce the ability to cure the sarcoid tumor. It must be applied daily and in the last 2 weeks, if applied twice daily, will enhance the reduction and elimination of sarcoid tumors.

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Sarco-41™ is also available in an 8 oz Tub.

Sarco-41™ is now available as an Oral Suspension and is used as a feed additive, for those horses with sarcoids in difficult spots, the additive can be put in their daily hard feed & works from inside out.