Received the following email:

From: Kathy Dickason

I bought a 6 year old Quarter horse in March 2014 . He had 1 Sarcoid on each side of his neck. Each wart was almost two inches long, and 1 inch wide. Both were gray and bumpy (scabby looking). At the time of purchase, I had no idea what a Sarcoid was, assuming they were some types of old scars.

My vet alerted me as to what I was facing during March, and he suggested your Sarcoid41 cream. I applied the cream twice a day for 2 month. The gray bumps erupted into red sores–a bit alarming, although I did see some reduction in the overall size of the warts. Based on input you then provided me via phone and email, I got very aggressive with the treatments and was able to get the compound into the warts quite thoroughly.

I cannot express to you how thrilled I was to see a strange but welcomed sudden turn the first week of June. The warts did not fall off as a whole, as many others had said they would, but they sluffled off in pieces over the course of about 10 days.

Although many have had much faster responses with your medications, my case is a true example of how, if you stick with the medication, even for 3-4 months, as was required in my case, you CAN get rid of stubborn Sarcoids. I am so overly thankful to your development of this miracle compound, and I am a TRUE believer in Sarcoid41. Please use my name and contact information as a referral if ever necessary. I want to help others facing what I did in any way possible. At the rate of hair regrowth I am now seeing, I suspect that by mid August, there will be no sign of the Sarcoids at all.

Thank you again,
Kathy Dickason
Sarasota, Florida

Just received the following on our facebook page:

From: Fred Lyman

Sorry, I’ve been quite remiss, having owed you an update and a testimonial for over one year!

I have resisted sending photos of my Paint horse, Sox’s eye because he ran out on 150 acres and his large, squamous mass – about the size of my thumb – had ‘stitched’ his eyelids together and irritated the eye for some time before I discovered Sarco-41. The eye remained cloudy after the cancer was in remission.

A smaller, squamous mass had been removed surgically earlier and we were told that if it came back there was nothing else to be done. By the time I had the horse back here and began researching and found 41 Labs it had grown to the size I describe above and I later realized that the eye was cloudy and had lost some vision.

After months of consistent application of the topical salve twice daily and the oral tincture on alternate days I had reduced the mass to the size of a pencil eraser, but I was growing discouraged about that last, small mass and seeing what had happened to the eye I was concerned about continuing to stick my finger in there to massage that mass with the salve, twice daily. It seemed like my effectiveness had ‘plateaued’.

I phoned your office after hours one evening and Mr Kekich answered and we discussed it and he offered me a deal on two bottles of the tincture, seemingly quite confident it would wrap this treatment regimen up!

After a small hiccup in the mail service I got them in my hands and rushed out late in the day to dose him, since I had stopped with the topical salve for a day or two to give that eye some relief! (After six months of massaging that mass, even this good boy was starting to lose his patience with me just a bit and it had seemed that all I could do for him was to keep my fingernails trimmed!)

The small mass had grown back barely perceptibly during the delivery time and Sox’s little respite from my annoying ‘eyeball massage’ and was the size of a pencil eraser again but in the morning when I went to give him his third, oral dose of 50 cc’s per Mr Kekich’s recommendation the mass had either disintegrated or (more likely) dropped off and where the base had been attached was a slightly darker, 1/4″ dia., round, spot of tissue. I completed the treatment and it has been great for 1 1/2 years!

Sadly the eye is a little cloudy still and his vision isn’t perfect but he is both trusting and bold so he doesn’t shy or refuse to step where I ask him to. I often find myself helping him a little to protect that eye in thick brush (he’s never poked himself and I’m not sure if it’s even necessary but it seems like a good idea as long as I don’t have my hands full). Otherwise he gets along fine, running out in the rocks, brush and hills on a small, mountain ranch!

The surgery left a little ‘gutter’ out of the corner of the eye and it ‘leaks’ tears so I use Avon, Skin So Soft, to repel insects and as a sun block on that pink-skinned, corner of the eye, applying some whenever he’s around.

~ Rich & Sarah ~

From: Fay Morton, Lethbridge, Alberta Canada

To 41 Laboratories:

I would like to convey my sincere thanks for your Sarco-41™, it is a fantastic cure for ugly sarcoid tumors.

I have a very beautiful 4 year old filly that I have starting in training to be a rope horse. I noticed while brushing her, a large spot on her left hind leg just above the stifle joint. It was an ugly sarcoid tumor about the size of a quarter. I heard about Sarco-41™ and starting using it on the tumor. I applied it daily for six days and didn’t apply it for four days. I used it for six more days and the tumor shrank down to the size of a pea and is now gone. I have sent you pictures of the tumor before, during and after treatment. It is a great cure for sarcoid tumors and so easy to apply. Thank you again!