Diamond’s Treatment and Recovery

Diamond as a yearling cut her lower lip all the way through. If one looks closely at the photo you can see this is a cut between her lower lip & chin, the grass is hanging out of the hole not out of her mouth. The cut was so severe that when she ate food fell out her lower lip.

After the wound healed, a sarcoid formed on top of the scar many months later. SARCO-41™ salve was used liberally on top of tumor and oral tincture was given daily. A sheep band was applied around the sarcoid to cut blood & food supply and the tumor fell off after 3 days. SARCO-41™ was continually applied on top of scar for a further week, no tumor has regrown since.

Photo below is 3 days later, original scar from wound is still there, however, the sarcoid is completely gone.