Yearling Colt

The first day of treatment. February 20, 2010.
Second picture is a close-up of the tumor itself, the brown coating is the SARCO-41™ salve. 5cc of SARCO-41™ oral tincture was given daily throughout entire treatment. SARCO-41™ salve was applied to the tumor as a poultice & then bandaged every four days.

Treatment on March 5, 2010.
Before these photos were taken the Tumor was injected on 3 separate occasions using SARCO-41™ tincture to reduce the mass at a quicker rate. Note the discoloration as the tumor begins to die. Injections continued every four days throughout treatment while continuing with the oral tincture, salve & bandaging.

Treatment on March 28, 2010.
The first photo is before cleaning with betadine & warm water, the tumor had broken away tremendously and the remaining necrotic flesh was trimmed with surgical scissors. We then banded the tumor with an elastic band to further cut blood flow.

Treatment on April 13, 2010.
Wound is almost flush to the skin. Hair is healing nicely around where the large ugly sarcoid was. We injected the small wound with 3cc as the injection site was diminished in such a way that it was unable to take the full 5cc used throughout treatment. However, we continued with poultice of SARCO-41™ salve & SARCO-41™ oral tincture.

Treatment on April 19, 2010.
SARCO-41™ poultice was put over wound & wrapped, SARCO-41™ injection and oral tincture was stopped. The wound is the size of a quarter as opposed to its original size of a large grape fruit.