Sarcoids are the most common skin tumors occurring on horses. Presumably caused by the bovine papilloma virus infection. The most general sites are the ears, eyelids, mouth, legs and the abdomen, although other areas can be affected as well. Some have a cauliflower type shape with a stalk, while others have a round, flat, hairless, thickened nodular skin appearance. Left untreated, these skin tumors can become so locally invasive that they destroy adjacent structures such as eyes or proliferate in areas that make horses un-useable.

It is unfortunate that most conventional treatments do not rid the horse of sarcoids. Simply cutting them off or injecting the horse with chemo shots only seems to aggravate the virus leading to continual problems.

Sarco-41™ must be applied with diligence and dedication. It can not be stressed enough that infrequent application will greatly reduce the ability to cure the sarcoid tumor. It must be applied daily and in the last 2 weeks, if applied twice daily, will enhance the reduction and elimination of sarcoid tumors.